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Eggplant stuffed with cream cheese and cheese

Eggplant stuffed with cream cheese and cheese

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1. The squatae and dried eggplants will be cut in 2, longitudinally, taking care to prick their skin from place to place.

2. Grease with olive oil and bake for about 20-25 minutes, and when they are ready, use a spoon to remove the core, carefully, so that the peel does not break.

In a large bowl put the eggplant core, cream cheese and about half of the grated cheese, eggs, salt and pepper to taste and mix well all these ingredients.

3. In a tray greased with butter, place the eggplant peel in which we pour the cheese cream composition, then sprinkle the other half of the remaining amount of cheese over it. sprinkle suan seeds on top, for taste and generosity!

4. Put everything in the oven for another 10-15 minutes, until the cheese melts

Quantities for about 300 g of cream cheese

  • 1 avocado copt
  • 200 g of cream cheese or a very fine cheese
  • 1-2 cloves of garlic
  • 1 teaspoon of lemon juice
  • salt
  • pepper

Presentation and service

It can be served on fresh or toasted bread, for breakfast or as a snack.

You can fill the shells with salty or red tarts, or you can pour with a pos on slices of cucumber, bell pepper, lemon, on salted biscuits or pieces of bread & hellip

It is a delicious recipe and this cream can be used in many ways.

What would it be like to make some sandwiches, greased with this cream and then with a slice of muscle or pressed ham? They're great for the package, aren't they?

How do you think we could still use this cream? Give me suggestions, please

I invite you to watch the video recipe here, below.

Recipe video

Cheese balls

The classic balls that are generally served at weddings have a very simple recipe that does not require much work and does not fail :).

  • 500 gr grated cheese (you can use any other fatter cheese, I used bellows cheese)
  • 2 eggs
  • 4 tablespoons flour
  • 1 knife tip baking powder

Mix the ingredients well until the dough almost does not stick to your hands. If needed you can add extra flour

Form balls the size of a larger cherry (they swell a lot during frying) and fry them in an oil bath until they brown nicely and then take them out on absorbent paper.
Serve both cold and hot.

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Eggplant stuffed with cream cheese and cheese - Recipes

As I told you, I tried several eggplant recipes. Today I propose such a recipe that I hope you like as much. Quick to make and tasty it is very good for lunch or dinner.

Cruise Phase (PL), Consolidation, Definitive Stabilization

- 1 lg of olive oil (optional)

Preparation: Wash the eggplant, cut it in half lengthwise and scoop out the core. Finely chop the core and mix with the eggs, cheese, salt and green dill. Using a brush, grease the eggplant core with oil (this step is optional). Fill the core with the cheese filling and place in the preheated oven at 180 degrees for about 25 minutes.

If you are on a cruise, stabilizing or not on a diet, 10 minutes before removing them, put slices of cheese or grated cheese on top of the eggplant. When serving, you can also sprinkle green dill.

Appetizer Roll with Cream Cheese

Prepare 3 bowls and sift separately, the flour together with the baking powder, according to the quantities corresponding to each colored composition.
Add the black pepper in one and the white pepper in the other two. Stir.

Rub a little of all the yolks with salt in a glass bowl, then incorporate the oil with a whisk.
Add sour cream and beat until smooth.

Divide the composition into 3 equal parts and put the grated cheese in one, the chopped spinach in the other, and the tomato paste, beetroot and paprika in the third. Mix well.

Combine the cheese mixture and separately the beetroot mixture, with the white pepper flour, and the spinach mixture, with the black pepper flour.

Separately, whisk the egg whites with salt and add 1/3 of the amount in each of the 3 colored compositions. Lightly wrap with a spatula, turning upside down.

Pour the strips of dough diagonally, alternating colors, in a large stove tray, lined with baking paper.

Place in the preheated oven, for about 20-25 minutes, at 180 degrees or until the top is baked and passes the toothpick test.

Turn the baking tray over a damp towel, remove the baking sheet and roll immediately into a roll, using the towel. Leave to cool.

Mix all ingredients well.
Spread the filling evenly over the entire inner surface of the open top, then roll again.

Optionally, you can put slices of smoked salmon over cream cheese before rolling.
Let cool for a few hours, but best in the evening until morning.


Step 1

Cheese balls with nuts

Mix the bellows cheese and the grated cheese. Season to taste with salt, pepper, paprika. You can also use dried herbs: oregano, basil, rosemary or fresh herbs, finely chopped: parsley, dill, basil, sage. Let the mixture cool for 30 minutes.

We model balls from the composition. To ensure that the cheese balls are uniform, we can use a spoonful of ice cream to dose the composition. Once prepared, we give the cheese balls through a mixture of pecans and cashews, coarsely chopped with a knife or blended. Enjoy!

Walnut cheese balls are a great appetizer for festive meals, but they can just as well be part of your daily menu. They are prepared very quickly, without baking and you can use your favorite cheeses! We offer you a recipe based on bellows cheese and a grated cheese mix. The balls are then given through pecans and cashews. A delight!

You can also add natural cheese cream to your composition, such as Goldessa cheese cream, Lovilio parmesan or Grana Padano grated, Alesto cranberries.

Imam Bayildi is a Turkish recipe for stuffed eggplant with onions, garlic and tomatoes, sprinkled with olive oil or in other words a very tasty recipe!

Imam Bayildi & # 8211 Lent / Vegan Eggplant Recipe Peeled and Stuffed with Vegetables, cooked in the oven, delicious food recipe that is very easy to prepare.

Although I made the recipe many times, I can't take pictures of it. I managed to stop my portion, but I didn't get to take more than one picture. My husband asked me if I still had it, so he wouldn't let me give it to him, so I gave him my plate. I was fed up anyway, I had eaten a substantial portion of soup before.

& # 8220Imam Bayildi & # 8221 means & # 8220manul fainted & # 8221. The Imam is a spiritual leader in the Islamic religion. It seems that there are several stories related to the name of this preparation. The first says that the imam fainted with pleasure after eating the recipe prepared by his wife, and the second story says that he was a stingy character would have fainted because his wife put too much olive oil, which is very expensive in that period.

At one point I had found on the internet another story in which it was said that an imam was married to the face of a merchant who received as dowries a few jars of olive oil. His wife prepared this recipe a few nights in a row and used the oil received at the wedding, and when he finished it and told the imam that they no longer had oil, he fainted.

Whatever the related stories eggplant recipe stuffed with vegetables IMAM BAYILDI, it deserves to be prepared and enjoyed.

Although I am not a vegetarian, I am in love with this recipe.

I like eggplants in general, as you can see from the collection of eggplant recipes prepared especially for mine (if you want to be inspired CLICK HERE), but stuffed eggplants are a weakness of mine.

My husband also loves eggplant very much. During the holidays spent in Turkey, Greece or in the southern part of Italy, there is no table at which you do not order eggplant. In the collection of recipes you have recipes inspired by these holidays & # 8211 eggplant salads with Turkish yogurt, stuffed Greek eggplant, Greek moussaka, or marinated eggplant from Italy.

The recipe has a special flavor in the hot season, when the vegetables are sweet, freshly picked and full of flavor, they can be prepared in winter, because all the ingredients are found in supermarkets.

Here is the list of ingredients and how to prepare for IMAM BAYILDI & # 8211 Turkish recipe for eggplant stuffed with baked vegetables.


2 medium eggplants
1 large onion
2 large tomatoes
1 cup olive oil + 3-4 tablespoons for baking
2 cloves of garlic
1 hot pepper (can also be jalapeno)
1/2 bunch of parsley
2 tablespoons water
freshly ground pepper

Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. We take out the core with a teaspoon (but we don't throw it away, we will use it for the filling), but not all of it, because during the preparation the edges will be left. Salt the eggplants and let them drain, or keep them in salted water during this time. Fry the eggplant a little in 3/4 cup of oil, so that they are slightly browned, but still firm when we press them.

Put the rest of the oil in a pan, heat the onion until it softens and turns golden, add the chopped garlic, the hot pepper cleaned of seeds, heat for another 30 seconds, stirring constantly, then put the diced chopped tomatoes. Season with salt and pepper.

Add the chopped eggplant core, continue to harden. When they are ready, take them off the heat and add the chopped parsley.

We fill the eggplant with the above composition. We put them in a tray, sprinkle them with a little olive oil, add a few tablespoons of water, then cover them with foil.

Bake in the preheated oven at 200 ° C for 35-45 minutes then take them out and check if they are cooked.

We can serve them immediately, but they also go cold, taken out of the fridge the next day.

I wanted to surprise Ana with this recipe, specially prepared for the challenge she launched, in which she urges us to cook vegetarian dishes this month & # 8230

Eggplant stuffed with cream cheese and cheese - Recipes

It is a cake inspired by Edith`s blog and with influences from my mother's recipe book. A quick cake to prepare and even recommended for the holidays because it is a "light" cake.

What you need
Pt rock (picture 1):
& # 8211 6 eggs
& # 8211 6 tablespoons sugar
& # 8211 4 tablespoons flour
& # 8211 100 ml oil
& # 8211 1 sachet baking powder
& # 8211 3 tablespoons cocoa.

Pt cream:
& # 8211 600 gr Philadelphia cheese
& # 8211 200 gr butter
-150 gr powdered sugar
-2 sachets of vanilla sugar
& # 8211 vanilla essence

Pt glaze (pictures 14, 15):
-500 ml of orange juice
& # 8211 1 sachet vanilla pudding (Dr. Oetker)
& # 8211 3 tablespoons sugar

Work plan:
& # 8211 we make the countertop. Separate the egg whites from the yolks (picture 2)
& # 8211 beat the egg whites and sprinkle with sugar (picture 4), mix the yolks with the oil gradually poured (picture 5). Gradually add the flour that has been mixed with cocoa and baking powder (picture 5). Mix at low speed (picture 6). Add the egg whites and incorporate with a wooden spoon (picture 7). Pour the composition into a wallpaper form with baking paper (picture 8) and put in the oven for about 25 minutes (picture 9)
& # 8211 prepare cream. Mix the butter brought to room temperature with the powdered sugar (picture 10) then add the cream cheese (picture 11) and mix until you get the cream (pictures 12 and 13).
We make the glaze. Put the pudding powder in a plastic bowl and add the sugar (pictures 14, 15), add 3-4 leagues of orange juice over the pudding and mix (picture 16). Meanwhile, put the rest of the orange juice on the fire (picture 17). When it boils, add the pudding composition and mix continuously with a wooden spoon until it thickens (picture 18).
Over the counter add the cream cheese (picture 19) and then the orange icing (picture 20). Let cool then serve (picture 21).
Good appetite!

Preparation time: 50 minutes (no time in the fridge)
Price: 35 lei (depending on where you take the ingredients and inflation)

Eggplant stuffed with feta cheese

Preparation time: 00:50 min
Cost of ingredients for 2 servings: 27 Lei
Ingredient: 2 pcs eggplant, 200 g feta cheese, 100 g mozzarella, 2 eggs, 1 bunch of dill, 500 g cherry tomatoes (14 pcs), 2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar, 2 tablespoons honey, salt and pepper

We invite you to watch below our video recipe of eggplant stuffed with feta cheese:

Method of preparation: In a bowl, crush the feta cheese and then add the eggs, grated mozzarella and dill. Mix well and set aside. In a frying pan over medium heat put the tomatoes with olive oil, two tablespoons of balsamic vinegar, two tablespoons of honey, salt and pepper. After the tomatoes have browned, remove from the heat and remove the peel. Wash the eggplant well and hollow the inside close to the shell. Add the cheese composition and put 2-3 tomatoes inside. When the eggplants are full, put a lid on a slice of cheese and then 2-3 more cherry tomatoes on top. Put the eggplant in some small bowls so that you don't make a mess in the oven. Bake at 180 degrees for 40-50 minutes. Eggplants should soften. Serve hot. We wish you good appetite and increase your cooking recipe for eggplant stuffed with feta cheese.

Recipe Low Carb

Baked, excellent for a low-carb dinner, nothing complicated and not very long lasting. At one point I was tired of eggplant with mozzarella and tropatai and the net after other recipes for cooking eggplant. And you come across this recipe that sounds promising. And it looks even more promising. So we set to work hard to test something else.

& # 8211 about 4-5 slices of ham of any kind (my favorite at the moment is Serano ham)

& # 8211 about 4-5 slices of cheese

& # 8211 about 4-5 slices of dried tomatoes

& # 8211 spices to taste, I used salt, pepper, dried parsley, delicate powder

So, without too much preparation, I cut the eggplant long, as seen in the picture, enough not to break the end slices. I greased each slice with a little oil and that delicate powder. I placed a slice of ham, a slice of cheese and a slice of dried tomato. I sprinkled the spices on top and wrapped the eggplant in aluminum foil to hold it tightly with everything in it and put it in the oven for about 30 minutes. Then I took out the foil and to make sure it was well done, I put it back in the oven for 10 minutes. Then I went out and ate because there was not much left to do.

Carbs are excellent: about 15 grams of carbs for eggplant because you can't eat them with a spine.


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