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5 Chefs You Need to Follow on Twitter

5 Chefs You Need to Follow on Twitter

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These chefs have the whole social media thing down pat

Mario Batali's Twitter feed provides an unfiltered look into his head.

Twitter can be a tricky thing to navigate for someone who’s well-known. Thankfully, these chefs have nothing to worry about. If you’re at all interested in food and are on Twitter, we strongly suggest you follow them.

Anthony Bourdain
Always outspoken and always with something insightful to say, Bourdain fills his Twitter feed up with observations from the road and a lot of awesome food photography.

Éric Ripert
Bourdain’s occasional sidekick has a great Twitter feed of his own. He keeps a running log of all his exploits, promotes new episodes of his show Avec Éric, and showcases some amazing food shots from Le Bernardin, among many, many other things.

Curtis Stone
Not only does this Aussie tweet about what it’s like running one of the most in-demand restaurants in Los Angeles while also keeping a busy schedule of television appearances, he also uses Twitter as a place to showcase his recipes and raise awareness of many causes.

Mario Batali
One of the busiest guys in the industry still makes time to send out a flurry of tweets on a daily basis, retweeting and responding to his followers, posting amazing photos, and generally being his charming self.

April Bloomfield
The globetrotting chef of New York’s The Spotted Pig tweets from everywhere she goes, hyping up her restaurants, her cookbooks, and her causes while also sharing some great food photos and displaying her dry sense of humor.


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