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Peppers stuffed with cheese

Peppers stuffed with cheese

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Take the peeled peppers and cut them in half.

Separately put the mixed ingredients in a bowl and mix until they become like a cream

Take a pepper, fill it and roll it, then put it on the plate.

Hot peppers, stuffed with goat's milk. in Greek style

Hot or fatty peppers stuffed with cheese & # 8211 goat, sheep, cow & # 8211 delight appetizers from the Mediterranean area, from Italy to Turkey. The recipes differ, the peppers can be raw, baked or marinated, hot, Bulgarian (sweet), capsicum caps or dwarf bell peppers. I opted for the version with marinated peppers, put in a jar in olive oil.

Today I cut 3 chili bushes, it's autumn and I don't let the frost fall on them. In addition to my peppers, I took a handful of Bulgarian peppers from the market and used only a few small caps, the smallest ones. And also in the market I stuck to a fat and fragrant goat's milk. Next, I went into the kitchen with:

  • 30 peppers (as described above) & # 8211 whole, cleaned of stalks and seeds
  • 200 g of goat's milk + 100 g of sour cream, so that the cholesterol jumps on the walls (the hot pepper will extinguish it)
  • 1 teaspoon freshly ground pepper, 1 teaspoon dried oregano
  • heated olive oil to cover the peppers in the jar

  1. I boiled the water with pepper, bay leaf, salt and sugar. Near the boil I put the fire on medium, added the vinegar, at the boil I put the peppers to boil
  2. after 10 minutes the peppers became tender, without being soft, I took them out to cool
  3. I kneaded the goat cheese with cream, pepper and oregano (in the mixer), until a fine cream resulted, I put the cream in a bag, I filled the peppers
  4. fit the peppers in sterilized jars, pour hot olive oil. In 2-3 days, they are good from now on

It remains to be seen if I have anything else to put in the jar, half of them have picked up speed.

Peppers stuffed with lentils, buckwheat and feta cheese

Grandma and Mom made peppers stuffed with meat or rice and mushrooms, fasting. I remember not looking for the pepper, they seemed bitter, but instead I liked the filling. Fasting or not.

I use kapia peppers for cooking, now I make peppers stuffed with lentils, buckwheat and feta cheese. Vegetable proteins have their place in a balanced diet, so I don't shy away from putting them in my family's diet.

The difference between vegetable and animal proteins is that the former do not contain all the essential amino acids or contain them, but in very small quantities. In this case, in order to benefit from all the essential amino acids, we must have in our diet a combination of vegetable proteins from legumes, cereals, pseudocereals, nuts.

I chose the combination of red lentils and buckwheat and I liked what came out.

Red lentils is one of my favorite sources of vegetable protein. It is rich in fiber, calcium, magnesium, potassium, folate and niacin and contains 23.8g protein / 100g.

Buckwheat is a pseudocereal rich in zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, selenium, folate and does not contain gluten.

Here is the recipe for peppers stuffed with lentils, buckwheat and feta cheese:


  • 6-7 kapia peppers (chosen to be as straight as possible)
  • 5 tablespoons red lentils
  • 5 tablespoons buckwheat grains
  • 2 carrots
  • 1 red onion
  • 1 bunch parsley
  • 150 g feta cheese
  • salt, pepper, paprika, dried thyme

I washed the lentils and buckwheat and boiled them in salted water in two different pots. Both foods boil in about 15 minutes. I drained them and then put them together in a bowl.

I finely chopped the carrots and onions and put them in a pan with a little water and spices to boil. When the carrots softened and the water dropped completely, I stopped the fire. Pay attention to the amount of salt used, especially if the cheese you will use is salty.

I chose not to add oil to the cooking, the cheese was greasy enough. However, if you are cooking the fasting version, you can add 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil to the filling composition.

I chopped the parsley and crushed the feta cheese into small pieces, then mixed them with the lentils, carrots and onions. I prepared the peppers for the filling: I cut a lid in the stalk area and cleaned them of seeds.

I heated the oven to 180 g. I then filled the peppers with the mixture of lentils and buckwheat and put them in a tray on baking paper. I put them in the oven for about 20 minutes, until they start to & # 8222 raisins & # 8221. It's possible to leave juice in the pan, it's okay if that happens.

They can be served with yogurt or lettuce. If you do not put feta cheese, it can be a very tasty fasting dish.

I got the filling for 7 peppers, if you want, you can make even less, reduce the amount of filling. Or, if you have leftover filling, you can eat it like this, with lettuce.

To heat the next day, I also heated them in the oven, although they go very well in a pan in which you put a little water, over low heat and covered with a lid.

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Bell peppers stuffed with cottage cheese and greens!

A wonderful appetizer for any holiday meal! A tasty, colorful and good-looking dish. It is simple, quick and easy to prepare.


& # 8211 3 tablespoons top of fermented cream


1. Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice.

2. Chop the dill and pass the garlic through the press.

3. Mix the cheese with the cream, add the dill, salt, garlic and small cubes of bell pepper.

Advice. If you use skim or low-fat cheese, add a little soft butter so that the filling retains its shape in the pepper rings.

4. Fill the peppers very compactly with cheese composition, thickening very well with a spoon, and refrigerate for at least 1 hour.

5. Cut the peppers into rounds about 1.5 cm thick.

They prepare quickly and are a nutritious appetizer to serve at parties!

Spicy peppers stuffed with goat cheese in olive oil

You want it, you don't want it, you still end up in the market for some shopping. Even if we are not part of the crowd of buyers who do not leave the market until after they have filled their cart with a tip (by the way, why would the inventors of such large markets have made them ?!), they still go with their wife at least once a month. The things from the jars and packages, bags or sachets that take your eyes off the shelves gather in the cart and once you reach the cash register, you rarely get less than 100 lei.

And yet, the stroller in the market is never empty! We rarely buy meat or sausages (the girls from the butcher shop would be upset with me) or fish (the girls from the fishery wouldn't even look at me anymore) or Telemea cheese, butter, sour cream and cheese (what local producers would think of me from my own store if I didn't enter the location?) from the market. Most often, we take the necessary beer from the market, some canned fish, seafood, vegetables and fruits. The duck, the goose, the chicken or the rabbit, only refrigerated, are sometimes in our attention. Oil, sugar, flour, breadcrumbs, rice, semolina and cornmeal, coffee or pasta are in our attention, being to be found of all kinds on the shelves, especially and why not admit, something cheaper.

With the nets in the market! I do my daily shopping, always fresh, in the market (if I stay close, all my roads pass through the market) & # 8211 eggs, milk, sweet cheese, vegetables and fruits, greens, sometimes mushrooms (only in season when I can't pick up everything I need on my own). In the autumn season for filling the pantry, the market is the main supplier of ingredients for cans.

See through the shelves in the market, read the label and get to work ?! I saw dried mushrooms. Well, I bought mushrooms from Transalpina (where I pick mushrooms, I rarely find anything like that). I strung the small and more vigorous mushrooms with the sewing needle on the kitchen thread and put them to dry in the air, on the balcony. I then packed the dried mushrooms in paper bags. This is how we prepared dry mushrooms for the winter, used in all kinds of pasta sauces, for a special taste, refined and in sour soups & # 8211 pickled cabbage soup with mushrooms and pork or in sweet soups & # 8211 new cabbage soup with mushrooms.

The gallant smokes, swollen with salt water and sprinkled with colored water, even if they attract the eye, are not part of my shopping. I remembered the years when my kids were little and my parents cut the Christmas pig. I returned to preparing the piglets for the winter, this time buying the fresh ingredients from the butcher.

I returned to preparing canned fish for the winter & # 8211 marinated from Danube mackerel or marinated fish for the winter.

Frozen vegetables found in market gallantries are often of high quality. However, the frozen vegetables I put in plastic food bags have a different taste when you cook them.

We noticed some jars of hot peppers filled with goat cheese and jars with cubes of goat cheese, canned in olive oil.

Ingredients needed in the recipe: crayfish (spicy, even slightly hotter), goat cheese (not too salty), green thyme / dried thyme, green dill, peppercorns, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, hot pepper flakes.

Towards the end of autumn, when the peasants gather the last vegetables from the field, before the frost they collect crayfish (smaller, spicy / even hot peppers). I like to insert hot peppers (green and red) with a needle, on a kitchen thread, to hang them on the balcony, to dry them in a stream of cold air and then to pass them through the coffee grinder / wooden nut to it had its own hot pepper flakes.

How do you come up with culinary ideas ?! I chose the smaller peppers from the pile with crayfish and other hot peppers. I tried the recipe read on the label on the market, with several ideas of my own (I also used sheep's milk or cow's milk cheese separately) and my favorite ingredients (I don't like the taste of marjoram or the burning of coriander seeds).


  • hot peppers, small but filling,
  • goat telemea not too salty,
  • extra virgin olive oil,
  • green thyme and dried thyme,
  • green dill.

You can also use hot peppers / bell type or ordinary hot peppers, long and thicker to be filled.

Remove the seeds from the hot peppers, wash under running cold water, drain the water in a sieve, put the hole down and wipe with a clean cloth / absorbent paper.

Goat telemeau is put on a large grater / crushed between the fingers and mixed with green thyme using a fork.

The crayfish are filled with goat cheese mixed with green thyme. You can also put green dill.

The hot peppers stuffed with goat cheese are placed in jars together with a few peppercorns and dried thyme. Top up with extra virgin olive oil until the jar is full. It is not a mistake to add 2-3 cloves of garlic.


  1. Wash hot peppers, remove seeds, drain and wipe with a dry cloth.
  2. Crush the goat's milk and mix with green thyme.
  3. Fill the hot peppers with the mixture of goat cheese and thyme.
  4. Place the hot peppers stuffed with goat cheese in jars, along with peppercorns and dried thyme, garlic cloves.
  5. Filling jars with hot peppers stuffed with goat cheese with extra virgin olive oil. Sealing the jars tightly and keeping them cold in the refrigerator for approx. 1 month for maceration.
  6. Serve hot peppers stuffed with goat cheese as an appetizer or as a garnish for pork steak.


  1. Cut cubes from the goat's milk harder.
  2. Put cubes of goat's milk in jars together with dried thyme, garlic cloves, peppercorns, hot pepper flakes.
  3. Filling in jars with diced goat's milk with extra virgin olive oil. Sealing the jars tightly and keeping them cold in the refrigerator for approx. 1 month for maceration.
  4. Serve diced goat's milk preserved in extra virgin olive oil as an appetizer in a cup of boiled brandy.

The jars with hot peppers filled with goat cheese are sealed and kept cold in the refrigerator.

The hot peppers stuffed with goat cheese are left to soak, cold, approx. 1 month, after which they can be consumed as an appetizer or as a garnish for a pork steak.

A glass of red wine goes great.

Goat telemea cheese, harder to cut into cubes of suitable sizes (enough to take in toothpicks, once, as an appetizer) and place in jars with dried thyme garlic cloves, peppercorns and hot pepper flakes.

Fill the jar with extra virgin olive oil and close tightly.

The jar with goat's milk in olive oil is kept cold, in the refrigerator, approx. 1 month, to soak, then it can be served as a winter appetizer with other ingredients (smoked bacon, drumsticks, beets, etc.) with hot bread and a cup of boiled brandy.

Good appetite you gourmet brothers and you gourmet brothers everywhere, wherever you are in the world! These recipes can be included among the culinary recipes without borders for the joy of taste and favorite flavor of occasional gourmets and professional gourmets.

Food of roasted peppers with bellows cheese

Ever since I discovered this delicious one Food of roasted peppers with bellows cheese, I prepare it very often, because it has become the family's favorite.

It is a sweet and sour dish, and the bellows cheese added at the end of preparation gives it a special taste.

But for that we have to opt for a good, quality cheese, as it is From La Ferma with Humanity, which I also tested recently.

By the way, I also tried several varieties of cheese and cheese from them and I liked them all.

De La Ferma it is a second generation family business. They set off 22 years ago with a handful of skilled and ambitious people. They built a modern farm that manages over 800 hectares of arable land mostly cultivated with grain and a pasture of 200 hectares. The company's factory is one of the most important investments in dairy products in Alba County and the surrounding areas.
The emphasis was on traditional products and all that means protecting them in the original recipe and all this to provide consumers with high quality products. Ferma cheeses are sold in Kaufland, Carrefour, Auchan and Billa National.

Other stuffed peppers

The other day I made this beef soup, on bones, meat and vegetables. By & # 8222 vegetables & # 8221 this time we mean parsnips, carrots, parsley, celery and fennel. After the vegetables did their homework, I thought I could get some more out of them. Since we already had some small and sweet Spanish peppers, the idea of ​​some peppers stuffed with something other than the traditional peppers around us, slowly boiled in a sauce made from vegetables taken out of soup, came up.

So, I put all the vegetables in the blender (I find that Vitamix goes well both hot and cold), I added some pepper paste (sweet) and three tablespoons of soup, very little pepper and a little speed.I put the sauce obtained on low heat and I put in it some slices of mushrooms, well dried.

I washed the peppers, wiped them with a paper towel and put them on the fire in a pan sprinkled with a little olive oil.

I fried them lightly on all sides, not much, so they don't soften. I just wanted it to get a subtle taste of roasted peppers. After taking them out of the pan, I wiped them with another paper towel.

For the filling I used chorizo ​​(I took off the skin), duck breast pastrami, a little goat cheese and a few slices of grilled eggplant on the grill and kept in oil.

I chopped them all with a knife, mixed them with two tablespoons of rice and a little dill.

I stuffed the peppers. I put the peppers in the sauce. I let them simmer for a little over half an hour.

To be honest, they were very good.

Peppers stuffed with meat or hot peppers in nougat

The colors of the plate decoration can give us an indication of the origin of this recipe. Green, white and red is the Mexican flag. The peppers are stuffed with minced meat and fruit and go covered in a cheese and walnut sauce, sprinkled with pomegranates and chopped parsley, replaced with coriander or basil.

Preparation: 1. Nogada must be prepared the night before. To do this, let the peeled walnuts soak in the milk overnight. Then, crush them with cheese, powdered sugar, a little cinnamon, salt to taste and wine. Strain into Chinese or through a fine sieve.

2. Fry the whole peppers in a little oil until soft. Once ready, we leave them covered with a cloth so we can clean them better later. We open them vertically in half and remove the seeds and the inner nerves.

3. Saute the chopped garlic and onion in a little oil. Then add the meat, season, brown a little and finally add the crushed tomatoes. Add the chicken broth and let the sauce evaporate and the meat is tender.

4. Finely chop the fruits and pickles and add them to the meat together with the other spices. Pour a drop of wine and let it evaporate.

5. When the meat is cold, carefully fill the peppers. To present them, cover them with nougat and garnish with pomegranates and freshly chopped parsley.

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Baked peppers stuffed with feta cheese, but also two other types of cheese, made me think of the holidays spent in Greece. They are perfect summer delicacies, they are very easy to make and end immediately.

The recipe for baked peppers stuffed with feta cheese can be served as an appetizer, but I can honestly say that two pieces for dinner would be enough for me.

Greek food is very good, it smells like vacation, summer, it always makes me think of the sea, the sun and boats.

I was sorry that I didn't prepare a larger quantity, everyone would have wanted a double portion, although other hot appetizers with the same Greek theme were waiting for them.

This year, too, we are not able to go on vacation to the sea, so I missed all the experiences I had with our friends traveling by boat from island to island. They are now on the boat. I can't wait for him to tell me how it was.

In the first year I discovered the Dodecanese islands thanks to them, in the second year I was in the Cyclades.

The evenings at the taverns were wonderful. Although we sometimes order the same things, it seems that nowhere did they taste the same.

When I go on vacation, wherever I go, I come back with new ideas for cooking. And so all my recipes from Greek cuisine appeared. If you want to be inspired, you can discover them here.

Starting with the famous Greek musaca, pastitsio, fava, papoutsakia, soutzoukakia, tzatziki sauce used for pork souvlaki and even Greek pita recipe.

I ate baked peppers stuffed with feta cheese 3-4 times I think in Greece and every time I liked them just as much. I also made them at home in the first year, after the first vacation, but I didn't get to take pictures.

Feta cheese, cottage cheese and parmesan cheese can be the most pleasant surprise for those who try this recipe.

The aroma of garlic, onion and oregano is essential, so don't give up on anything we've listed.

The peppers I use are kapia, but I understand that the Greeks use a type of pepper that grows only on them.
In order for the recipe to be what you want, to get the best baked peppers stuffed with feta, you must use quality olive oil. It may be more expensive, but what you put on your plate is more important.

And, if you use Greek olive oil, you are really close to the authentic recipe.

Another detail: choose medium or small and straight peppers. The curved ones will be harder to fill. Do not put too much cheese, because it will come out during baking. If you have cheese left over, add a little paprika and eat it for breakfast on toast.

Now I leave the list of ingredients and how to prepare baked peppers stuffed with feta cheese:


4 pieces of medium-large size kapia peppers

1 teaspoon dried oregano

I prepared my ingredients at hand. I cut the lid of the peppers (but did not throw it away) and gently removed the stalk and seeds.

I washed the peppers, then dried them.

I put the cheeses in the vertical mixer. I added oregano and a little freshly ground pepper.

I added the garlic given through the press, chopped onion and I passed everything until I obtained a homogeneous composition.

I filled the peppers with cream cheese, put the lid on them and arranged them in a heat-resistant dish.

I poured olive oil so that the bottom of the bowl was covered, then I covered the bowl with foil.

I baked them in the preheated oven at 180 ° C for the first 15 minutes with foil, then I removed the foil and left them until they softened.

I hope you will try them too and you will enjoy the best recipe for baked peppers stuffed with feta cheese.

Peppers Stuffed With Rice Calories

Peppers stuffed with rice calories. To prepare fasting stuffed peppers you need. You still need a couple of fresh tomatoes or in your own juice a cup of brown rice that you can replace with buckwheat or barley but also with chickpeas, a large onion, two pumpkins, two red bell peppers, salt, pepper, pepper and a bunch. About how many calories he has. The other day I prepared a few jars of peppers stuffed with rice for the winter.

In the category of cooked food there are other foods with fewer calories. 2 kg red bell pepper 400 gr boiled rice 1. 0 9 peppers stuffed with cheese and dill. Choose peppers of different colors to give an extra look.

If I make a salad with tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and Telemea cheese. Group foods food calories protein lipids carbohydrates fiber approximations. I prefer to put the peppers in the oven is much more convenient and I do not have to worry that they will burn. Peppers stuffed with rice and fasting mushrooms.

Not at all complicated, here's how to make the best fasting peppers. Peppers stuffed in the oven recipe video recipe for stuffed peppers can be made in several ways. Stir always leave for 4 5 minutes on high heat then add the diced carrot celery and mushrooms. Today I present another.

Fasting peppers stuffed with rice and spicy vegetables a delicious and easy to make dish perfect for fasting. Ostropel with chicken 105 calories zacusca mushrooms whimsy 105 calories mashed potatoes 105 calories drob goat 104 calories polenta with thermomix oil 104 calories discover and other foods that have been tagged with stuffed peppers stuffed peppers. And in the case of fasting peppers there are many combinations but I like this the most. 700 g mashed tomatoes150 g rice10 12 bell peppers4 tablespoons oil2 large onions finely chopped 2 tablespoons tomato paste2 bay leaves1 bunch parsley1 bunch dill1 kg minced meat.

Peppers stuffed with dark pork meat. All nutritional values ​​are calculated for an amount of 100 g. Sent on August 10. They are delicious and light, so they go great in this period of winter when we have to prepare for summer by adjusting our diet.

Beautiful and healthy bell peppers. Peppers stuffed with creamy rice. Peppers stuffed with rice and vegetables. So I kept their splendid shape and texture by filling them with a creamy and fragrant rice almost risotto in the menu I had already established the snails that this time were made of pork chop is not my favorite piece but that's what I had in it.

I didn't spend too much time in the kitchen to prepare these jars of peppers because I used a fairly simple recipe. Posted on August 6th. I recommend you try it too. Peel an onion and cut it into cubes and place it in a pan with the oil on the fire.


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