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Mexican tortilla

Mexican tortilla

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Mix the dry ingredients, then add the oil, mix a little, and 3/4 of the water. Stir by hand until the crust forms. If the crust does not form, add more water. Knead for about 3 minutes. An elastic shell will result. Put in the bowl, cover and leave for 15 minutes.

Divide the coca into 12 balls. From each make a round pie. Put them with aluminum foil between ..

Heat a flat pan well. Put an omelette. When it starts to swell, turn it over. Continue until you have finished them all.

The tortilla, a great Mexican creation

Tortillas are the most versatile food in the Mexican diet

It is the food with the most presence in Mexican homes, the most requested at meal time, the most accessible to all, the most loved by children and adults and the one that adapts to everything: the tortilla.

Its goodness and simple presence have crossed borders and conquered thousands of people in almost every country in the world as one of the richest cereals in Mexican cuisine. Maize and water, ingredients that give shape to the round tortilla, which in addition to feeding, also has other uses, it can be a spoon, a plate and even a napkin.

Although the exact day and place of its origin are not known for sure, there are versions that indicate that the region of the State of Tlaxcala - whose name means' place of cornbread or place of tortillas- was the cradle that saw it born.
Here are some of the uses we can give this gift of our national cuisine:

The tortilla is a fundamental part of the diet of Mexicans. According to the publication Revista Ciencias UNAM, the protein content of corn is 10 percent and also has essential ammonia acids, among other properties.
However, because the corn tortilla It is a good source of carbohydrates, it has become notorious as it is believed to make you fat. The good news is that this rich Mexican food lacks gluten and, as with everything, if eaten in moderation it is not detrimental to people's health.
In tacos, chilaquiles, toast, chalupas, enfrijoladas, quesadillas, synchronized. the list of tortilla recipes is huge and that is appreciated.

Who hasn't faced a situation where there are no utensils to eat? In the face of adversity like these, nothing like breaking the tortilla and with a piece make a kind of cone with which we can collect some of the food to take to the mouth. Let nothing stop us!

It turns out that the tortilla also has a secret function: it can work as a dish. In one hand we put a corn tortilla, we make our palm like conchita and on it a bed of rice, beans or the stew of our preference. With the other hand we spoon our food and to eat it has been said.

We are invited to a party and there are no paper napkins to clean our mouths or we do not have a fork to grab a piece of meat: nothing like chopping a piece of tortilla and wiping the male on our face or taking the chicken leg to continue in the tasting of our dish. to tortilla she is our savior.

to corn tortilla It is one of the most important pre-Hispanic heritages in Mexico, so it is important to preserve it as a rich treasure of our lives.


We put the flour in a bowl and mix it with the salt. We add the water slightly warm little by little as we stir with the fingers of one hand. The dough should be soft, although not excessively, but keep the shape and press with a finger and we can make balls with it without problems.

And we have a comal, great, but if not what we will do is cook the corn tortillas on a griddle or non-stick pan. It is important that it is very hot and over a high heat, that we can adjust or lower as needed, so that the tortillas are done well.

We divide the dough into balls the size that suits us best, depending on the size we want the tortillas. In my case I like them rather small, because they are more comfortable to eat, so I make the balls the size of a plum.

We crush them lightly and if we have a press or tortilla, which is what they use in Mexico to crush the dough, we will do it with it. If this is not the case, we place the ball between two pieces of cling film and crush it with something that weighs, such as the oven tray. The important thing is that they should be as thin as possible, just several millimeters thick.

We can too stretch with the classic roller although the form and the result will be more irregular. Anyway we can always resort to the typical hoop and we have perfect edges. Once we have the tortilla with the final shape, we turn it over with the help of the film on the hand and put it in the comal or plate that will be very hot.

We'll wait a minute or two and see how a kind of bubble forms on the surface, we turn around and finish. We can take a third turn if we want to do them better, although it is not necessary. We repeat the operation with the rest of the dough and consume as soon as possible.

15 recipes with Mexican tortillas, corn tortillas, wheat tortillas… everyday delicacies

This is one of those recipes that you will always want to have on hand, as it contains 15 recipes with Mexican tortillas, corn tortillas, wheat tortillas, piadinas, wraps… and you will see that they are proposals and ideas with which you can delight for every day. , for those nights you don't feel like cooking but you want something rich, to take advantage of leftovers from a meat sauté & # 8230

The weekend is approaching and we start thinking about how you enjoy it, do you?what are we going to cook to make a special meal ?, what casual dinner can we make to enjoy it on the couch watching a movie ?, how can we make a tasty and simple snack for pecking? Well, if in your pantry fund there is never a package of Mexican tortillas, sean corn tortillas, de wheat or another cereal (there is more and more variety), here you will find many ideas that will conquer you, so take note.

Below you will find 15 recipes with Mexican tortillas with which you will discover that they are much more versatile than they seem. It must be said that although we have talked about tortillas that are bought in packages in any supermarket, you may also make your own corn, wheat and other tortillas, in your kitchen, it is still a very easy flat bread to make, especially if you have one tortilla press with which it is possible to give the form and the desired thickness to the mass, in a matter of seconds.

In some cases they will also serve you another type of tortillas or flatbreads like piadinas a wraps, which are also very much the order of the day, the good thing is that they support all kinds of fillings and different ways to shape them. In fact, in this collection of recipes with flour tortillas you will see tacos, quesadillas, synchronized, wraps or burritos, even some crunchy and spicy nachos or totopos, and a dessert that we recommend you try, is different and delicious.

For years in our pantry bottom we always have some kind of Mexican tortilla, piadina or similar, because at some point you save a dinner and it usually turns out very tasty, some vegetables, any sautéed meat, a rich melted cheese, some fried or crushed vegetables, crumbled tofu, sauces… accept what we propose, and if you do not come up with ideas, we give them to you below, so save this recipe . You already know that here is the presentation and to see it step-by-step elaboration just click on the name that appears on the photo.

  • 250 g of wheat flour
  • 100 ml of hot water
  • 20 ml of extra virgin olive oil
  • shawl

Put the wheat flour in a bowl y add salt, olive oil and water. Mix everything well until thickened (if necessary, add a little more water). Then put a little oil on a smooth surface, place the dough on top and knead with your hands until it has a homogeneous and manageable mass (it has to be a little soft).

Put a large frying pan on the fire. Thoroughly clean the base of a pot or saucepan (smaller in diameter than the pan) and grease it with a little oil. Put the pot in the pan until the base heats up and withdraw. Place a portion of dough in the center of the pan and crush it with the pot for a few seconds. Remove the pot, and finish heating the wheat tortilla in the pan.

You can use wheat tortillas to make tacos, fajitas, burritos, quesadillas and other traditional Mexican dishes.


  1. We begin the preparation of ours corn tortillas. In a bowl, mix the cornmeal with the salt.
  2. We will go gradually incorporating warm water. Usually this type of recipe is kneaded directly with your hands, so little by little we will mix all the ingredients.
  3. With the fingers of one hand we will rotate all the ingredients. You should be aware that it does not carry oil, so it may stick initially. It's a matter of go kneading calmly.
  4. We will divide this mother dough into balls. Usually corn tortillas have a round shape to cover the rest of the ingredients with which we want to fill them.
  5. We will crush these balls lightly. There are regional utensils such as the tortilla that is meant to keep them all the same. Surely we will not have such a sophisticated tool, we can crush them directly by hand or with a glass.
  6. The important thing about these tortillas is that they are as thin as possible so that you can work them more easily. For fewer complications if you have a roller at home stretch them as much as possible.
  7. A homemade trick is to put them all or work them on cling film are easier to move and do. Once they are all done we will prepare to cook them.
  8. In its place of origin is used a tool called comal, intended for this use. It's just that a conventional iron which is heated for this purpose.
  9. Once the griddle is hot, we will incorporate the tortillas. When we see that on the surface is start making bubbles we will turn them around and finish them on the other side.
  10. These tortillas are ideal for good tacos al pastor, you will be delicious and you can prepare them from 0 whenever you want.

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