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Cozonac with cocoa, walnuts and shit

Cozonac with cocoa, walnuts and shit

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I put the milk, butter, sugar, vanilla and grated lemon and orange peel all in a kettle and put them on the fire, stirring in one to melt the sugar and butter. I didn't leave them too long, just until the milk warmed up a bit. I took the kettle off the heat and stirred until I thought all the sugar and butter had melted.

I poured the contents of the kettle into the pan of the bread machine. I put sifted flour over it, and yeast on top. I set the machine to the kneading and leavening program and left the dough in its care.

In the meantime, I prepared the filling. I beat the egg whites with the mixer, I added the sugar a little and I beat well. Then I added cocoa, ground walnuts, vanilla powder mixing with a pear.

When the machine finished its program, I took the dough out on the work table and divided it into four balls. I spread each guguloi with a twister, giving it a rectangular shape, I put a few tablespoons of the filling that I spread all over the rectangle, I put on top several pieces of shit cut as I cut my head, I rolled and I braided them two at a time. Then I put the rolls obtained in two cake trays greased with butter and sprinkled with flour and covered them with a clean towel. I let the cozonacs rise for about half an hour.

In the meantime, I turned on the stove oven and let it heat up and make it hot for the dough. After half an hour, I greased the yolks with yolk rubbed with a little milk and put the trays in the oven for 45 minutes. I did the test with the toothpick that remained clean. I left the cozonacs to cool in shapes covered with a towel. Then I took them out, put them on a wooden bottom, still covered.

A goodness came out! Beautiful and tasty!

All ingredients should be kept at room temperature for at least one day before cooking. Make a yeast mayonnaise, 1 tablespoon flour and 100ml warm milk. Let it grow until it doubles in volume, in a warm place. Separate the egg whites from the yolks. Rub the yolks with the sugar and a pinch of salt until they turn white.

Heat the milk and put it over the yolks. Mix well until the sugar is gone. Add the essence of rum, lemon peel and orange.

In a large bowl add sifted flour 2-3 times. We make a hole in the middle. Add the milk and mayonnaise and knead until all the milk is incorporated. Also in this dough we can add raisins soaked in rum.

Heat the butter and oil and put a little, until it is incorporated into the dough, and it does not stick. Cover the dough and leave it to rise, about 40-45 minutes, in a warm place.

Mix the egg whites with the sugar until it is no longer felt and acquires the consistency of a meringue. Add cocoa and mix with a spoon from bottom to top. Add chopped walnuts and mix. After the dough has risen, divide it into two parts.

The first part is also divided into two. Put the cocoa and walnut mixture on each one. We put shit on top. Roll and weave both rolls. Do the same with the remaining dough.

Place in a cake pan lined with baking paper or greased with oil and lined with flour and leave to rise for about 30 minutes. After it has risen, grease it with an egg, sprinkle sugar on top and put it in the oven for about 40-45 minutes, until it browns nicely on top.

Be careful not to open the oven door in the first half hour, otherwise you risk leaving the composition. Remove and leave to cool a bit, then remove from the pan.

Cozonac with sweet cheese


For the cake dough:

  • 600 gr flour
  • 120 gr lard or butter
  • 4 tablespoons sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • a pinch of salt
  • lemon peel
  • 25 g of yeast
  • 150 ml of milk
  • an egg yolk for spreading.

For the filling of the cake:

  • 800 gr sweet cheese
  • 100 gr butter
  • 200 gr sugar
  • the juice of a lemon
  • 80 gr semolina
  • 2 eggs
  • 100 gr raisins
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 2 vanilla sugar essences or sachets.

Rub the lard with the flour. Add eggs, salt, sugar, lemon peel. The yeast is dissolved in lukewarm milk and left for about 10 minutes, then poured over the flour. Knead a suitable hard dough that is left to rise for about 30 minutes.

Knead the cheese with the soft butter until a fine paste is formed. Add the rest of the ingredients for the composition. Divide the dough into three and spread one sheet at a time. Put filling and roll. Grease with egg yolk mixed with 2 tablespoons of milk

How to make the cake filling with walnuts, shit and cocoa?

I cut the shit into pieces using a wooden board powdered with plenty of powdered sugar. I rolled every piece of shit in this sugar. This way the cut pieces of shit will not stick together. I ground the roasted and cooled walnut. In a bowl, I mixed the caster sugar with the cocoa. For a richer cake you can double the filling.

Monica told us that her mother sprinkled sugar, cocoa and dried nuts on the dough. If you want you can scald them with a little hot milk and make a cream & # 8211 as I have shown here. There is also the version with egg white (raw) that you can apply, especially since for the cake we need 1 yolk and you can use the egg white.

I decided to mix ground walnuts with cocoa and sugar to make it easier when I fill the dough. You can mix cocoa with sugar and walnuts and moisten them with 2-3 tablespoons of warm milk.

Here are 11 ideas for creams and cake fillings: with walnuts, chocolate, poppy seeds, cheese or urda, candied fruits, etc. You can choose one of them.

Cozonac with cocoa, walnuts and shit - Recipes

Fluffy cake with cocoa cream and shit

Fluffy cake with cocoa cream and shit I made these days. I love to make cake and especially I love the smell of warm cake, fresh out of the oven. Cozonac is one of the few sweets that reminds me of my childhood. It's not like what we do today. Now the cakes are fluffy, big, fragrant, with a lot of filling. The ones from childhood were small, though (my mother put the whole egg in the dough), with a little filling. But, we were very happy, especially during the holidays, when he made us a cake. In fact, in those days, we rejoiced in everything. We knew how to appreciate and enjoy a little. Now, we have a lot and we don't enjoy anything. Sad but true. I'm not saying it was good then, but we seemed to enjoy each day more. In our day, we run to work as much as we can, we eat badly and we forget to smile.

Always, during the holidays, I watch how fewer and fewer people make cake at home. Pfff, I haven't bought in many years. Some people compare the homemade cake with the one they find in stores for 2-3 lei a piece. Well, what does that natural have in him? Where does the nut come from ?? But if it's sweet, fluffy and cheap, it's wonderful! Sin! Indeed, a cake is obtained with effort, we consume good ingredients, time, physical work & # 8230But it is delicious !! Incomparable with what is found in the supermarket.

For the cake you must have time, the ingredients must be all at room temperature and not be upset. If I'm upset, my cake doesn't turn out the way I wanted. Never! Work calmly and cheerfully and everything will turn out the way you want!

If you keep turning on the oven, you may also want to try a two-color cheese recipe with cheese and fruit filling:


For the Maya
For the dough
For the filling
For anointed

As I was telling you, for me, when I make cozonac, my mental state is very important. For this product, I have to work quietly, without haste and stress. For starters, make a mayonnaise (not to be confused with wild mayonnaise). To do this, put in a bowl the yeast, a little sugar, flour and gradually lukewarm water, while mixing with a teaspoon. The mayonnaise is made in this way, we leave it to rise for about 10 minutes in a warm place. Image 1

Because I made a single cake, I kneaded the dough with the help of the robot, but you can also make the dough by manual kneading. Thus, I put the flour, sugar, a little salt, the yolks and the orange peel. Figure 3

Without starting the robot yet, we add the mayonnaise that has grown in the meantime. Figure 4

Heat the milk (so that it is not hot), add it over the rest of the components in the robot bowl. For safety, we keep 30-50ml of the amount of milk, because, depending on the flour used, the size of the yolks, etc., a smaller or larger amount of liquid may be needed. You will add it later if you find it needed. Figure 5

I put the dough kneading hook, I started the robot at low speed for about 5 minutes until the ingredients are homogenous. After this time, increase the speed and let the robot knead the dough for about 25-30 minutes. At the end, reduce the speed and gradually add the oil. Transfer the dough to a bowl greased with oil, cover it with a clean towel and leave it to rise for about 45 minutes-1 hour, in a warm place. Figure 6

While the dough is leavening, we can prepare the cocoa filling. Put the flour, sugar, cocoa and baking powder in a bowl, mix well and then add the milk gradually until you get a creamy composition of medium consistency (we must be able to spread it over the dough, without breaking or flowing. Image 7

After the dough has risen nicely, divide it into two halves. We take the first half and spread it with a rolling pin on a counter sprinkled with flour, obtaining a sheet of dough, not very thin. Over the dough, put the cocoa cream and spread it evenly, then roll carefully and squeeze the dough well at the ends. Figure 8

Leave the roll obtained on the counter, spread the second half of the dough in a sheet equal in size to the first, put the pieces of shit (I used cocoa shit), then roll carefully and squeeze well at the ends. Figure 9

We put the two rolls obtained next to each other and twist them around each other, not very tightly. Figure 10

Put the dough thus twisted in a large cake pan, lined with baking paper. Cover the tray with a clean towel and leave to rise again for 30-40 minutes, in a warm place. After it has risen nicely, grease it with a brush with the yolk mixture with milk, then put the tray in the preheated oven at 175 degrees for about 45 minutes. Figure 11

After the cake has browned nicely, take it out of the oven and let it cool to room temperature. Figure 12

What ingredients do we use for the Moldovan cake recipe with scalded dough?

I can't tell you the fineness of the dough and the special taste!

After cooling, the next day, wrap in white paper and napkins and store in the pantry, in a cool, dry place. They can be kept for 1 month, without fear.

You can see the video recipe of Moldovan cake with scalded dough below

Recipes with Gina Bradea & raquo Recipes & raquo Moldovan cake with scalded dough, walnuts, raisins and cocoa

How to make a fluffy cake - How to prepare, simple recipe with shit and walnut for traditional cakes

The most important ingredient in this recipe is natural homemade mayonnaise, prepared with great care and attention. Mayonnaise requires special care on your part, which is why not many people dare to prepare cakes with their own yeast culture.

Maya for this recipe must be prepared at least seven days before the preparation of the cakes and this is the peculiarity that makes this recipe so special for us. We will not use commercial yeast, we will use only natural mayonnaise, for which we will only need flour and water.

The rest of the process of preparing the cozonacs is similar, familiar to anyone who has witnessed the preparation of this traditional Romanian dessert. Be sure to choose the nuts carefully and then grind them properly.

You will also chop the shit into cubes, passing the knife through powdered sugar to make sure it does not stick too hard. You can also add raisins, depending on your preferences.

Cozonac with walnuts, raisins, shit and cocoa

May the Nativity of the Lord enlighten your souls and your home, may you have health, abundance and happiness!
Merry Christmas!

What envy surrounds me, a man who makes such cakes no longer wants his wife.

It depends on what angle you see this. I mean, maybe the man wants a wife to praise his cozonacs :) Or maybe the man wants a wife to have his cozonacs knead: D

It would be interesting to know which version of wife you prefer. I like to knead them, but I also know how to appreciate a job well done.

:) That's good to know. I hope we're still talking about cakes, aren't we? You should know that I would also like to know which option I prefer. : D

We were talking about cakes. I think, but not only.

I'm going to get my husband to go to the pan and make cakes too! did a miracle last year too!
yours looks so fluffy I'll make your recipe)

Yes, yes, pan with it! :)) But you better let him do what he knows, don't stretch the rope too much.
My cousins ​​may be talking about the luck of the beginner, who knows. :) My cozonacs came out so fluffy that I was afraid of falling out of the tray. Ideally, the tray should be only half filled with the cake dough, to avoid emotions :))

At this moment I have the cakes in the oven. Also my first cakes after this recipe. I am very nervous.

At this time I think you have already taken the cakes out of the oven and I think your emotions have dissipated. Such as? I like the hot cake the most, so I & quotindop & quot immediately with half :))

Hi! I recently discovered your blog and I want to congratulate you for all the wonderful networks you have presented so far. They all look great and are very well explained, for everyone's understanding, even if you are a novice in the kitchen (not my case, "need" taught me to cook from the age of 10), it is impossible to fail. I want to thank you for our traditional Romanian recipes that you kept as they are without adding I don't know what Asian spice or I don't know what French cheese :). Whenever I feel like eating some rum (by the way, I'm not in the country for about 3 years) I'm sure I can find it on your blog. Have a beautiful and tasty day! Karoline

karolina or karina I am still, and I also made a blog that I will start posting soon

Hello Carolina! It never occurred to me to change the traditional recipes, I think there is no point in looking when you found something good :) And I'm not a fan of using exotic ingredients, it seems normal that blog visitors to be able to prepare recipes without too much effort, not just to salivate looking at pictures and praise me for inventiveness :))
Thank you for the nice words and I wish you success with the new blog!

thanks for the cake recipe, now I started making it and I will comment after ... for now I'm on the MAFI chapter. alex. SPAIN MADRID

Hi, Alex! :) Ehee. so it takes a while until you write the comment, until then I increase the kneading!

I haven't even reached the "phase" of the Mayan chapter, I only read modus operandi, but I laugh with
"We're not wasting our time," he said

.I promise I'll do it soon and I'll explain how I lived the adventure of the cake in the kitchen. to be honest, compared to you, I'm scared.

Hehe, I was a little scared too, but I was scared when I saw that the cake didn't stop growing - in fact, it scared me a little too, as if it was growing too crazy and I thought maybe will no longer take place in the tray :))
It's good that at least my recipes amuse you, it means that you can't be very upset if I don't succeed: P I waste a lot of time photographing the recipe for the blog. To use the camera, I must first wash my hands and dry them. Then I have to make a little order on the counter, not to be a total mess, I want the photos during the preparation of the recipe to be as explicit as possible and the reader not to be distracted by all kinds of pans, dirty dishes, kitchen utensils, piles of ingredients or who knows what other things may appear in the background.
I still waste time talking on the phone, selecting music or even surfing the net. Things not recommended when making cakes: D

I imagine all the details that we are not aware of. There is a lot of work you do, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping, but I think you are doing society a favor. This is how we learn to cook with ingredients that are easy to find at home, the tradition of cooking healthy food is perpetuated, the satisfaction of eating something from home, traditional and typical of our nation, I think is priceless.

Maintaining a culinary blog involves a lot of work, but you also exaggerate my merits a little. Anyway, thank you for your appreciation and I hope I do not disappoint you.

I promised to make cake, and I will comment on the results. I think I kind of & quoted wasted my time. I put the ingredients in half, for that if I "make it wide" I wouldn't even throw away two cakes, just one.
And. surprise. I started cooking it at 3 in the afternoon and I cooked at 8 in the evening. leaven 3 hours, as it is cold, and how to leaven twice.
But now I've tried it. super good. so I still trust your recipes.
In connection with my comments and appreciations about the food. I explain. I live outside ... and here it is typical to go to the supermarket and buy prepared food. now that I am unemployed, I have enough time to catch up with the typical food of the country. ptr. I've been eating typical food here for 9 years.

Hi, Brigitt! I "help" the cake to grow faster in winter either by placing it under a radiator or on top of a pan with hot water.
It's a shame you only made one cake, if you kept doing it. The photos of the recipe should not only help or sometimes complete the explanations, but also give confidence that it will come out :) Obviously, sometimes there are small accidents, but this should not make us give up.
Now I understand why you want traditional Romanian food, I looked on fb now and I saw in a picture that you are in Benidorm. And I remembered the paella :)

You should know that I translated the cake recipe into Catalan for two Catalan friends who tasted my cake made with your recipe. they fell in love with him. so you are successful abroad. I thought you should know the transcendence of your recipes in other nations.

Thanks for the help! My plan is that after conquering Catalonia with my recipes, to attack the rest of the Iberian Peninsula: D I hope to be more successful than the Moors :))

I can't believe that such a fluffy cake can come out of a man's hand. I will definitely try the cake too. greeting cards for recipes are all extraordinary .. I tried a few and I have no words. Bravo

Thanks! I'm glad to hear that you like the recipes on the blog, but most of all I'm glad to hear that the recipes I tried were in line with expectations.
Maybe the cake came out of my hand so fluffy precisely because it was kneaded with a man's hand - in this case power can be an advantage: D

a tip for kneading is not the case to "stew", it is enough to mix the dough well with the oil at once, the dough should not be too hard, and leave it to rise. this secret goes to any dough and bread ..guaranteed and easy.

I don't find it very difficult to knead, and the more often I make cake, the better I make sure :)) But I am convinced that many people will follow your advice.

I didn't manage to make your martyrs, but I took out the cake recipe and my mother made it for Easter: D it turned out delicious.

:) so you didn't have enough courage to make the cake yourself.

I have the courage, but I don't have a store of ingredients - until I succeed. :) I came to the conclusion that I don't have much inspiration for dough. :) I have already eaten 2 cakes. iamiii

:)) You're right, you really need to make a serious supply before you start the cake. And I prefer simple recipes, which I can quickly prepare with the ingredients I have at hand.

Question: how much vanilla essence in these quantities (for 2 cakes)? I found the 30ml bottle and now I see on google that there are also 2ml ampoules. Please give an exact measurement.

It's a little hard to give an exact measure. This is because the concentration of different essences on the market differs greatly from one to another. We have to gradually put a teaspoon of essence and then taste the composition of the cake - from what we saw, the cheaper the essence, the more we will have to use :)

I think I make this recipe too. I don't forget when I first made cakes according to a recipe from my sister. he didn't tell me they would grow in the oven and my first cake. vaaai. I'm looking to take the TRAY OUT OF THE COZONAC :))

:)) You could have tried to do an X-ray before, it would have been much easier for you to find it: D I didn't mention in the recipe that they will grow in the oven, I only wrote in the comments. But since not everyone reads the comments of the recipes, I'm lucky that & quotspun & quot this images - it is clear how much the cozonacs have grown in the oven :)

Robert, have some sausage experiences and come out, put the recipe here or at my place on fb (Luana Bria)

Luana, I looked for you on fb and I didn't find you. Not for the sausage recipe, but to satisfy my curiosity: D Low hopes to make sausages until the holidays, maybe after.

Sall Robert Craciun Happy are you and your family now I'm starting the cake and it's for the first time when I hope I get out I tell you what came out after I finish: D

Good job, Cosmin! If you are still going to knead the cakes tonight, then it would be good for you to come out :) Merry Christmas!

wow how does it look..I put it on the to-do list..when will I have time :)

I hope this recipe is given correctly and this time my cakes come out. in the situation in Kre I do not get out you will have to come to me personally

You don't have to worry about the cake recipe, it is written correctly and I tried to explain it in as much detail as possible. So I don't think I'll be put in the situation of having to come and make the cakes myself: D Good luck, I'm holding your fists!

I hope with all my heart that it will come out especially k I made donuts according to your recipe and they came out excellent.

If you've already made donuts according to my recipe, it means that you also have some experience in kneading and you know what the consistency of the dough should be - so I don't worry :) I only worry about the fact that I'm dying for appetite now thinking about aburinzi cozonaci. So in the end I can come :))

I'm glad to hear that you like steamed cakes too and they are delicious and from the point of view of experience they are professional chefs. Anyway, the donuts turned out great, I really didn't expect it :).

Aha, well then you are the one who has to give me advice :) Even if I have been doing it for about two and a half years, I still consider that I only cook at amateur level.

how my curiosity kills me to see who is behind these delicious recipes I shot you on fb but from pakte I didn't find you :( instead I liked your fb page )

Hmmm. Roxana, you know the saying: take care of what you want, because it might happen to you :))) You didn't think that maybe I don't & quotma look & quot and due to the fact that I could be 1.55cm, 100kg , pimples and baldness? : D I also live on the outskirts of the country, in Constanta.

awful with the state in constanta dak it's like that for k you should cover many km to me in pieces to make cakes together and how about the fact that you would show k in your description stay klm k I wouldn't mind because I don't try to hang you .And app I accept tips and give advice on cooking with all k I have a few years of experience I consider myself ink mik I still have much to learn.Roxana

I was fooling myself, I realize how serious I am when I write recipes. I didn't worry that you wanted to hang me, they usually skip this stage and I'm asked directly in marriage :)

ok you want to fuck me) so. I see you too?

so what about the cakes we make together)

:) You did not understand. usually I am the one asked in marriage, I received a few dozen & quotcerers & quot only this year, so I am in the privileged situation of being the one who makes the choice of the perfect candidate: D Finally, we waste too much time talking about the subject when people here I'm more interested in cakes than in my private life :)) Unfortunately, I don't spend much time in the kitchen during the holidays, especially since I don't really burn cakes (I get enough while I cook the rest of the time), plus this Easter falls during the madness of May 1, that is, when everyone comes to the sea, you realize that I will not leave here just then :)

Roxana, you don't have to feel offended. Just think I'm a pretty busy guy and I really can't accept all the invitations I receive - and imagine I get a few, since the blog is visited monthly by a quarter of a million people. Maybe sometimes I exaggerate with jokes and become too familiar, but I don't want to upset anyone and I don't want to be misunderstood.

I think you took the conversation too seriously, sometimes I feel the need to get out of the daily monotony and dak I saw k the discussion becomes funny I continued I'm sorry dak from my innocent jokes understood something else :( I have no reason to be offended that & quotmerci ptr refuz) & quot

I calmed down, I wouldn't have wanted you to be upset about such a thing :)

I didn't last until Easter and on Sunday I started making cakes, they came out soooper ink, my hands still hurt and now I'm so upset :)

The truth is that this year Easter is coming too late, in May. usually we are & quoted & quot & quot to eat the cake much earlier :) Anyway, a little fitness does not hurt, at least you got your hands on the holidays: D

ha ha ha I have very good physical condition in my free time when I'm not in the bakery and I'm not trying your recipes I go to the gym and I have salsa classes). anyway, I don't have any events outside, I don't go out in the city tonight, I'm in a bakery and I'm making fluffy donuts, I'm ashamed to be ke post, but this is a pact). body well worked))

Hmmmm. I think there's something wrong with me, since I choose to go to the beach instead of making cakes with a well-crafted and, from time to time, sinful babe (I deduced this from the fact that you make donuts on a fast if you feel like it) : D And it's like I see it's been raining since May 1 :)))

Have fun and I hope it doesn't rain: *: *: *

Today I started downloading the recipes I want to make in the next period. and honestly I came to the conclusion that for those like me. dependent on your blog. corporate clients of the site :)) should download button all: D.
PS: An Easter recipe for Do you have any plans for Easter ?? so that the cozonacs are not alone on the table. not to say I didn't say in advance: D

Haha, that's great with corporate clients. But my condition is that you have to test at least 100 recipes to become such a customer: D
Good thing you told me ahead of time, now I can redo my plans. I promise I will publish an Easter recipe in due time, so don't waste your time looking for it on other culinary blogs :)

hmmm..I have to count the recipes made to convince you that I am a corporate client: D. Does it matter if I did them several times ?? :)). I don't even intend to look for a recipe on the net. if you publish the recipe, if you don't, I'll just stick to the cakes.

Nuuuu, well that's how you can make pizza every day. : P I'm sure I'll put the Easter recipe on the blog some time before Easter, now you've made me want it :)

I was thinking about raisin cookies. they had the highest degree of repetition by far: D

Haha, why didn't you think of the cake. : P You're right, raisin cookies are made even easier than pizza. Let me leave a link for those who read the comments and maybe are curious to see RECIPE. But I am very afraid that, seeing how simple it is, many will give up the idea of ​​making the cake. :))

I have them in the oven for the last few minutes are so greasy: D ..I can't wait to taste them. I said to test them before Easter:) They are really easy, nothing scary.

I don't even want to imagine what it smells like at home now :) You didn't think badly, you better go safely with the cakes and not have any Easter surprises.

I caught wings: D They are delicious.

Mm This Cozonakul (in our country this Moldovan is called inverted, in you kozonak: d) it reminds me of my childhood time, kind came on Saturday, my grandmother always cooked at the kuptor outside, cabbage-MD) Ro: (apple pies, cherries, cherries), pies with potatoes, cabbage, cheese and green onions + dill, bread, rolls and cakes (inverted) I always look forward to kuptor k me to be the first kare maninka hot roll, fresh from kuptor and my favorite cakes , in our country my grandmother made them with walnut kernels and jam, it seems I don't remember anymore): D . Cristin

Beautiful memories, probably because of them you started cooking. I didn't even think I could call this cake different than cake - I've been eating it for a lifetime :)) But I'm used to certain recipes being called / perceived differently in certain areas of the country and I think it's normal let this happen.

A quiet work day and maybe with the smell of cake. of post :).

Thank you the same! It didn't smell like cake (not even fasting), but it was a day without work and without cooking :)

That's the best, relaxation and rest. I worked a little today :)) looking at cakes, recipes and it was hard for me to decide on one for Easter, and the winner is: cake with sheets and cream Lemon :). That's to practice stretching the sheets because it's a task that I kind of avoid because I have the impression that I'm failing to stretch the dough.

Choosing the cake with sheets, you also have the opportunity to notice & quotpe alive & quot the way ammonia behaves compared to baking powder :) I increase cooking!

That's exactly what I thought. Thank you, thank you too.
I have 2 trays: one square of 35/35 and one rectangular of 27/37. Compozitia de la foi imi ajunge pt a intinde 3 foi pt oricare din aceste tavi sau trebuie sa fac o compozitie si jumatate? Ma gandesc ca sunt tavi mari si sa nu risc sa nu-mi iasa coca pt 3 foi. Multumesc si scuze pt atatea intrebari, poate nu ai timp sa raspunzi mereu, e normal :).

Am citit comentariul pe care mi l-ai lasat la reteta foilor si vazut ca te-ai descurcat. Nu trebuie sa-ti ceri scuze pentru intrebari, acestea sunt inevitabile de multe ori si mie imi face placere sa ajut atunci cand pot. Timp chiar n-am deloc (sau cel putin asa mi se pare), insa raspund la toate intrebarile, chiar daca uneori o fac dupa cateva zile - din motive intemeiate sau mai putin intemeiate, cum a fost in cazul de fata mini-vacanta de Paste :)

Azi fac reteta ta de cozonaci abia astept sa vad cum o sa iasa. Am mai facut cateva dintre retetele tale printre care cea de fursecuri cu untura pe care am dat-o si catorva prietene ,chiar si o colega de-a sotului meu mi-a cerut-o.Vom vedea daca am succes si cu cozonacii O zi buna si multumesc pentru toate retetele delicioase. Ileana.

Cu placere, Ileana. Nu cred c-o vei da in bara tocmai cu reteta cozonacului, dar iti tin pumnii :)

Au iesit fabulosi ,exact ca in poze dar cu pasca (pentru ca am facut si pasca)"i-am dat pe toti pe spate".

:) Adevaru` e ca pasca pare mai impresionanta decat deja "banalul" cozonac pe care-l mancam tot timpul, nu doar de Paste sau Craciun.

Acum fac si eu reteta ta, pana acum vad ca e f bine, coca a crescut f mult. felicitari pentru reteta :).

Multumesc, sper ca totul a fost bine pana ai scos cozonacii din cuptor. De fapt, pana cand s-au mancat :)

Aluatul creste si eu ma pregatesc sufleteste de faza aranjatului in tava :O)
un singur ingredient lipseste retetei tale . sarea . eu am adaugat si o 12 lingurita sare
aproape orice aluat are nevoie de putina sare :O) sarbatori fericite iti doresc si la cat mai multe retete gustoase. INEZ

Asa este, Inez. nu strica putina sare intr-un aluat, insa mie mi se pare ca nici nu ajuta in mod deosebit aluatul de cozonac, fapt pentru care nu m-am mai sinchisit s-o pun in reteta :) Sper ca ai trecut cu bine si peste faza aranjatului in tava :) si ca ti-a iesit cozonacul conform asteptarilor. Paste Fericit!

Retetele tale imi plac f mult dar am am avut o problema cu reteta de cozonac. Nici in ruptul capului nu mi-au ajuns 300 ml lapte!Nu este prima data cind fac cozonaci, am retetele mele f bune, dar mi-a placut aspectul cozonacului tau si din acest motiv m-am decis sa fac reteta ta. Faina era uscata 1/2 din cantitate! Nu stiu ce sa cred! Nu cumva in loc de 500 ml lapte ai trecut din greseala 300 ml??
Poate, este ceva ce nu inteleg eu??

Nu am gresit ingredientele retetei, cea mai buna dovada fiind faptul ca acest cozonac le-a iesit chiar si celor care l-au facut pentru prima data. Probabil ti-a scapat ceva, insa nu am cum sa stiu ce anume. Poate ai uitat cumva sa fi pus si uleiul? Nefiind acolo sa vad ce si cum, mi-e greu sa-mi dau seama ce s-a intamplat cu cozonacul tau.

O intrebare: la cate grade setez cuptorul electric? Mare chin pentru mine sa-mi dau seama cum functioneaza chestia asta dar n-am ce face. Asta-i cuptorul, asta trebuie sa folosesc.
Nu am facut reteta ta inca si sincer imi pare rau ca nu mi-a dat prin cap sa caut si sa vad daca ai postat si reteta de cozonc. Am facut azi dupa nu stiu ce reteta, a crescut, cred ca e OK, dar cucoana respectiva asa a dat-o in bara cu umplutura, ca daca o gasesc, o s-o rog sa faca un spot video sa vad si eu cum o fi transformat ea chestia aia asa lichida intr-o pasta care poate fi intinsa pe foaie. Ca pe mine m-au apucat nervii cand am vazut ce-a iesit, si eram cu coca gata intinsa pe masa. Am rezolvat-o, in fine, dar e prima oara cand mai fac retete dupa poeziile ei.
A, si alta intrebare - Ti-am spus ca nu-s "acasa", sunt in Olanda, nu gasesc rahat si nici nu-i place sotului meu, mai ales ca mai e si diabetic. Daca scot rahatul din umplutura, mai adaug ceva in loc sau pur si simplu il exclud ca n-are nimic?
All the best.

Monica, eu setez cuptorul meu electric la 175 de grade Celsius. Te vei obisnui cu el in timp, mie mi se pare mai practic decat cuptorul pe gaz.
Poti scoate linistita rahatul din compozitia cozonacului. Gandindu-ma la ceea ce ai patit cu reteta de cozonac luata de pe alt blog culinar, poti sa nu mai adaugi nimic fara sa-ti faci griji ca umplutura cozonacului va fi lichida :) Insa eu ti-as recomanda sa pui mai multe stafide, nuca si cacao - chestie de gusturi, imi place cozonacul cu cat mai multa umplutura.

Multumesc mult pentru raspuns, ma duc sa caut unde am scris reteta de la tine si sa pun gradele pentru ca daca nu o fac acum, precis uit. Urmatorul cozonca pe care-l fac e cozonacul din reteta ta precis. O sa adaug de asemeni si faptul ca pot sa pun mai multe stafide (sotului meu ii plac foarte mult, m-a si intrebat daca nu exista o vesiune cu multe stafide asa ca gand la gand cu bucurie). Mentionez pe sotul meu ca numai pe el saracul experimentez.. :D Numai ca asa cum am zis, e diabetic. Poate sa manance dar cu limita. Insa grija mea cand citesc o reteta si vreau sa si fac prajitura ori ce-o fi, este sa nu aiba cantitati monstruoase de grasime sau zahar. Spun monstruoase in sensul propriu al cuvantului pentru ca imi amintesc de o reteta pe care am facut-o (a iesit exact cum trebuia) pentru ziua de nastere a unui vecin, sotia lui a cerut-o si a si mancat-o (nu-i de mirare ca sotia respectivului e cat dulapul, a mancat 3 felii "sanatoase" una dupa alta) - Tompouce olandez. Dumnezeuleeeee ce dulce poate sa fieeeeeee. Si am facut reteta ca la carte dar eu n-am putut manca! Jan nu s-a atins de ea. M-am jurat ca nu mai fac prajitura aia niciodata pt mine si-o mai fac doar daca cineva vine sa o ia acasa la el. Ai facut vre-odata Tompouce olandez? Am reteta olandeza originala tradusa si scrisa undeva.
In fine, cam asta e. Ma bucur ca tine retele sunt pentru oameni normali carora le place sa manance ceva care se poate manca fara sa intre in spital.
Hai ca ma duc sa fac adaugari pana nu uit.
Cat despre cuptor - apreciez incurajarile tale (cred ca am nevoie de incurajari in privinta cuptorului) :D Am capatat o aversiune teribila fata de masina aia de gatit din momentul in care am vazut cat de greu se curata. :D Biet barbati-miu se gandise s-o vanda, asa fata am cand o curat! :D :D Serios! :D La-m calmat sa stea locului ca vad eu cum o scot la capat. : D

In rpivinta tampeniei aleia de umpluturi pe care am luat-o de buna desi am vazut ca era ceva bizar acolo, poate s-o faca cine vrea, eu una nu.
Ia uita-te un pic sa vezi ce scria la mine in reteta aia la capitolul umplutura (si nu rade ca pe mine m-au apucat toate nabadaile! mi s-a urcat adrenalina la cap cand am vazut ce-i in bol si cum stau foile de cozonac pe masa si eu dadea din colt in colt, ce sa fac, ce sa fac. M-am si gandit atunci - "Doamne ce bine era daca era cineva de servici la linia Salvati Cozonacii sa ma scoata din asta!"):

- 2 linguri de cacao,
- 5 de zahar,
- 5 linguri lapte caldut,
- rom si vanilie esentza (1 fiola de fiecare)
- doua albusuri batute spuma,
- 50-100 grame nuci macinate.
Cat timp coca creste, fac umplutura.
Se amesteca totul pana se face o pasta omogena si se adauga 50-100 grame nuci macinate.

Cum se face Cozonac traditional cu nuca si cacao?

Cum se face aluatul de cozonac traditional?

Pentru aluat am amestecat mai intai drojdia, zaharul tos (cele 20 g), laptele si 100 g faina. Am lasat bolul pe masa 10 minute.

Apoi am adaugat galbenusurile, vanilia, untul topit si racit, zaharul pudra, coaja de lamaie rasa si am amestecat totul la robot la viteza mare.

Am adaugat apoi treptat faina si sarea si am framantat aluatul. Daca lucrati cu robotul e nevoie de 5 minute de framantare. Daca lucrati manual ar trebui sa framantati aluatul 10-12 minute.

Am acoperit bolul cu o punga si am lasat aluatul la dospit (la loc caldut) pana s-a dublat. La mine a durat o ora. Daca e mai frig la voi, prelungiti un pic timpul.



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